Price Transparency

How much does a simple blood test cost? Like everything else in healthcare, you don't truly find out until you get the bill. At Racham, all of our prices are clear and upfront, you will never be asked to pay more. 

Virtual Visits

Every little cough, cold or earache shouldn't have you in the waiting room for hours or shelling out money at an urgent care. With Racham, you can video chat with your provider and have your medications electronically prescribed to any pharmacy in the country. 

Specialty Tests

Are you genetically predisposed to certain cancers? Which medications do you respond best to? Have you developed any allergies or sensitivities? We have the tests to unlock your body's secrets.

In-house Dispensing

Save time, money and a trip to the pharmacy. We dispense several common medications right here in our clinic and we pass our exclusive wholesale prices on to you.  

The rising costs of health insurance is making it harder to receive the essential care we all deserve.

Racham gets health insurance out of the way of healthcare

and provides the personalized primary care you need with the convenience  you crave.